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Custom 15ml 30ml 120ml Transparent Plastic AS Airless Spray Bottle

Bottle Material:AS
Pump Material:PP
Model Number:AR-164-166-270
Capacity:15ml, 30ml & 120ml

Transparent & custom color

Surface Handling:

Electroplated sliver collar & base

(can be customized too)

Cylinder shape
Toner, etc.

1-3 free samples provided

MOQ:10,000 pcs

Quick Detail

Wholesale Cylindrical 0.5oz 1oz 4oz Various Airless Pump Spray Bottles 
Product Specification

Model NumberCapacityHeight (with cap)Diameter
AR-16415ml (0.5oz)100mm33mm
AR-16630ml (1oz)120mm33.5mm
AR-270120ml (4oz)194mm40mm

Product Description

1. Components:  bottle, sprayer & cap

2. Features: 

1). AS material is lighter than aluminum & glass. 

2). Vacuum lotion bottle deisgn: airless makeup pump & a small hole at the bottom

3). The transparent body makes the internal filler clearly visible. It is a great choice for your colorful skincare or cosmetic products such as toner and makeup setting spray. 

4). 15ml & 30ml airless travel bottles are also easy to be carried outside. You can choose them as your brand's samples.

3. Application scenarios:  skin care packaging, cosmetics packaging, hair care packaging, etc.

Advantages of Airless Spray Bottle 

Ordinary plastic sprayer bottle with straw needs to constantly pump air into the inside to increase the pressure, which will make the mist be less and less as the liquid decreases. On the contrast, when the vacuum spray bottle pumps liquid, it will block the inflow of air and let the piston at the bottom works. That will always have fine and evenly distributed mist. 


And the vacuum environment can also hinder the propagation of bacteria, increase the product shelf life and minimize the residue.

Delivery details

1. Transport type:  by truck, by sea, by plane, by train, Fedex/DHL/EMS/UPS/TNT, etc.

2. Shipping agent:  designated by you or cooperated with us

3. Shipping port:  Shanghai port and Shenzhen port, or other ports you require

4. Delivery time:  30-45 days after getting your deposit (depends on production process)

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