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Understanding the Color Matching Process of Plastic Packaging 02: Computerized Color Matching

Toning formulation with computer and its management has been successfully used in plastic color matching.

The computer color matching instrument has the following functions:

1) Color matching

Firstly, the engineers has set up a database of commonly used pigments and dyes, by preparing and inputting the basic color palettes. Then, they will input the color palette supplied by clients to the computer under the software menu, and click several candidate pigments according to their experience. The computer will immediately calculate a series of recipes, and list them in order of color difference and price of color matching, respectively, for engineers to select;

2) Recipe modification

Generally, the engineers will revise the recipes of computer or other sources. When the color difference is unqualified, they will observe the inconsistent refection curves on the display, and then directly increase or decrease the amount of pigments through the keyboard. Finally, the revised recipe will be obtained, as long as the two curves basically overlap. 

3) Color Measurement

Engineers will do a series of tests on the product, including the color strength of colorant, the whiteness and color fastness of products and the color difference. Since the computer can quantitatively express the performance index of color, it is conducive for engineers to communicate and transmit the information with clients. 

4) Color Management

Much of data in daily work can be stored in the computer, such as the recipe, process condition, production date and client information of color samples. It is very convenient for engineers to retrieve, check, and reference when modifying the color difference. And it can also improve the work efficiency and facilitate confidentiality.

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