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Packaging material printing process 02

1. Heat Transfer:

Thermal transfer printing is a technology that prints patterns or patterns on heat-resistant adhesive paper, and prints the patterns of the ink layer onto the finished material by heating and pressurizing. The use of thermal transfer film printing can be multi-color patterns into a drawing, without the need for color, simple equipment can also print realistic patterns. Heat transfer printing is mostly used for large quantities and complex printing products. A film attached to a surface. The price is too expensive.

2. Offset Printing:

Mostly used for aluminum-plastic hoses and all-plastic hoses. If it is a color hose to do white must use screen printing, offset printing will have the background color through. And sometimes a layer of bright film is attached to the surface of the hose.

3. 3D Relief UV Printing:

3 layer printing function, 3 layers of white, color, gloss oil can be printed at one time, need to print to any medium, the use of reproducible color reducing white ink for pre-treatment, the surface layer and add a layer of gloss oil at the same time, get a more beautiful printing effect. The process would be relatively expensive and less widely used.



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